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<transcy>Satan Cast Out (Satan, vaincu et chassé)</transcy>

Frederick Leahy
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The occult, paranormal phenomena and Satan are the subject of a very real resurgence of interest in the present generation. The previous decades considered these things to be largely fables. In reaction to this danger of indifference, our time is running short of becoming obsessed with this area.

Christians do not always emerge unscathed from this general atmosphere, which often leads them to allow demonic manifestations (true or false) and their pseudo-scientific disguises to greatly influence their way of thinking and living. An unhealthy religious teaching about the enemy of souls leads him to forget the testimony of Christ, who called the devil "a liar."

The author therefore gives pride of place to the clear statements of Scripture. In particular, he desires that the Church of Christ today not lose sight of the true position of the devil. He is a fierce and formidable enemy, but he is powerless before God and the Lord Jesus Christ. He who is in Christ overcomes this adversary by his knowledge and faith in the truth.

The author offers the Christian clear and concrete help. He also warns him of the dangers of approaching liberalism or an unhealthy subjectivism bordering on the sensational.


Frederick Leahy (1922-2006) - Faithful preacher and caring pastor, he served three churches in Northern Ireland, his homeland, until his denomination appointed him to the chair of Systematic Theology, Apologetics and of Christian Ethics at the Seminary of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Belfast in 1967. He became its principal in 1993. He is the author of several books including The Victory of the Lamb .

Table of contents

1. Angels, Good and Bad
2. Satan Today
3. The Enemy's Strategy
4. Our opponent the devil
5. The Activity of Demons: The Testimony of the Old Testament
6. Demonic Possession in the New Testament
7. Christ and the Demons
8. Demonic Activity After the New Testament
9. Demonic Possession and the Authority of Scripture - II
10. Demonic Possession and the Authority of Scripture - II
11. Christian Faith and the Occult
12. Demons Challenge the Church of Christ


Original title : Satan Cast Out
Author : Frederick Leahy
Publisher : Europresse 

 Pages : 160
Weight : 201 g
Release : 2010
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
ISBN : 978-2914562-60-7
Format : paperback

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Livre accessible à tous, traitant de la plupart des sujets qui pourraient intriguer un chrétien. L'auteur se soucie manifestement de rassurer sur le fait que Satan demeure un être qui ne peut être comparé à son Créateur. Un bon achat.