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<transcy>The Old Testament explained & applied (Survol de l'Ancien Testament, Vol. 1)</transcy>

Gareth Crossley
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It is impossible to overstate the importance of the Old Testament to the Christian. From the early days of the Christian era, this part of divine revelation has held a vital place for the Church. From Pentecost on, believers enthusiastically submitted to the teaching of the apostles. This consisted of the fruits of the direct ministry of the Lord Jesus, as well as the interpretation and application of the Old Testament scriptures in relation to the Savior and His Church. The apostles based everything Jesus said and did on the basis of the Old Testament.

This foundation occupies a crucial and strategic place in understanding and explaining the ministry, life, suffering, death, resurrection, ascension and glorification of the Lord Jesus. Two dangers lie in wait for those who study the Bible: looking at the Old Testament as an autonomous revelation on the one hand, missing the connection with Jesus Christ; get bogged down in the colossal mass of available details and get discouraged, on the other hand.

For this, the author offers a brief, schematic but faithful "overview" of the Old Testament. Then he focuses on finding the unifying thread that is the central theme of "Christ and his Church", before applying it to current situations. This approach allows him to make the study of the Old Testament both fertile and fascinating. Here then is a work of reference, both for personal study and for the prophetic ministry of the Word.


Gareth Crossley - After a short career in mechanics, and following his conversion at the age of 19, he entered the pastoral ministry. He served several churches in central England for over 40 years. His burden is to present the gospel to people without contact with churches, especially those who are living in difficult and disadvantaged situations. For this, he followed several university courses, working in the postgraduate training of the servants of God in the field of the helping relationship. He has written several books, including Une nuée de witnesses, on the ministry of the evangelist, published by Europresse.

Table of contents

The inspiration of Scripture
The central theme of the Old Testament
Joshua < br> Judges


Original title : The Old Testament explained & applied
Author : Gareth Crossley
Publisher : Europresse

ISBN : 978-2-914562-904
Pages : 304
Weight : 360 g
Publication : December 2017
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