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<transcy>Holding Hands, Holding Hearts (Tu veux ma main mais veux-tu mon coeur?)</transcy>

Sharon Phillips & Richard Phillips
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"Who to marry? The question is as old as mankind, and every culture or generation has given it its answer. And many other questions accompany it: How to search for a soul mate? How to start a relationship? What to do on the first date? When do you have to sign up? When to think about marriage etc.

Such questions are often the source of anguished uncertainty. Does the Bible itself say anything on the subject? The answer is twofold. First of all, no, there is nothing straightforward - the apostle Paul never wrote anything about dating. But the whole Bible provides a rich and wise teaching that can be applied directly to romantic relationships to experience this happy period of life.

Happy and crucial, because the foundations of a strong and healthy marriage are laid during dating.

In an infectiously enthusiastic book, the authors examine God's purpose in creation, the man-woman relationship marred by sin and then restored by the grace of God. They then address issues of attraction, first date, commitment, the place of the sexual dimension in the relationship, and many other hot topics.

Drawing on a strong experience, they offer an eminently biblical, practical and realistic book. These pages will guide single people in their questions and apprehensions. They will also help married couples to refocus their love on God's will.


Richard and Sharon James
After seven years in the military, Richard began a pastoral ministry among celibates in a large urban church. He and his wife Sharon thus acquired a solid experience which is reflected in this book. They now live in Florida with their five children. Richard is the senior pastor of a Presbyterian church there. He is also the author of numerous books, notably Les miracles de Jésus and Le test de la faith , published in French by Europresse.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction

A biblical view of dating and romantic relationships

  • A brand new love
    God's purpose in creation
  • Troubles in Heaven
    The relationship defiled by sin
  • "Put on love"
    The Redeemed Relationship in Christ, Part 1
  • The divine pattern for love
    The redeemed relationship in Christ, part two

Biblical wisdom for dating and romantic relationships

  • Word to the Sage
    Proverbial recipe for attraction
  • A table for two
    The first date
  • The big question
    To engage or not to engage?
  • What if it was love?
    From romantic relationship to marriage
  • While waiting for love

Original title : Holding Hands, Holding Hearts
Authors : Sharon Phillips & Richard Phillips
Publisher: Europresse
Pages : 192
Weight : 250 g
Publication : June 2015
Dimensions : 13.8 x 21.6 cm
ISBN : 978-2-91456-241-6

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