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[NOUVEAUTÉ] Si je pouvais parler de Mark Jones

[NEW] If I could talk by Mark Jones

New from Mark Jones, author of Knowing Christ, a passionate plea of ​​an unborn child for the maintenance of his or her life.

Today we are publishing the most moving book I have read on the horrific genocide taking place in our time , that is, the murder of children in their mother's womb (which we rather politely call "abortion"). Mark Jones wrote If I could speak r from the point of view of a little girl, still in her mother's womb, begging her not to kill her. These “Dear Mum” letters share the hopes and fears of a child with its mother who will decide whether or not she will live.

We have printed thousands of copies of this book because we believe Christians and churches should order it in a pack of 5 and distribute it widely.

Pray to God that he will use this book to strengthen opposition against the terrible sin of killing babies in their mother's womb.


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This book is also available in pack of 5

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