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Un nouveau podcast pour les chrétiens anxieux et découragés

A new podcast for anxious and discouraged Christians

It's easy to get nervous, overwhelmed, frustrated and cynical in these uncertain and difficult days. We try to believe that God loves us, but are our lives proof that he has truly abandoned us? The gospel not only tells us what Christ did, it shows us how much he cares for us in our struggle against sin and suffering.

The “Meek and Meek in Heart” Podcast is a 14-day audio meditation program that explores Christ's feelings toward sinners and the afflicted. Join us each day for a brief reading of the Word of God as well as a meditation on a different aspect of the heart of Christ. This podcast will help you rediscover not only what Jesus did for you, but also how he feels about his loved ones.

At the end of the podcast, if you would like to deepen your study of the uniqueness of Christ's heart, we encourage you to read Dane Ortlund's book, Mild and Humble of coeur , published by Éditions Cruciforme.

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Sweet and humble of heart , by Dane Ortlund, coming soon! We have printed 30,000 copies, which is unheard of at Publications Chrétiennes. We intend to donate all of these books. This represents a value of 600,000 dollars!

We will offer these books to churches who request them for their congregation, for a nominal charge to cover shipping costs. You can order boxes of books in Canada from Christian Publications and in Europe from BLF. For those who want to purchase individual copies, they will be on sale at an exceptionally low price in Christian bookstores.

Buy the book Canada | Europe

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