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Présentation du livre «Doux et humble de cœur» de Dane Ortlund

Presentation of the book "Gentle and lowly" by Dane Ortlund

It's easy to get nervous, overwhelmed, frustrated and cynical in these uncertain and difficult days. We try to believe that God loves us, but are our lives proof that he has truly abandoned us? The gospel not only tells us what Christ did, it shows us how much he cares for us in our struggle against sin and suffering.

Christians can easily get the impression that Jesus is perpetually disappointed and frustrated with their Christian walk, and even on the verge of abandoning them. They know what Jesus did for them, but often they have a superficial knowledge of him. What are his feelings when he considers the sins and failures of his people?

In Matthew 11, Jesus describes himself as “meek and lowly in heart,” longing for his people to find rest in him. This book draws on his words, delving into passages in the Bible that speak of Christ's affection for sinners to encourage weary and faltering believers on their journey to heaven.

We believe that every Christian should read and study this book. This is why we are going to offer 30,000 copies free of charge to the French-speaking Church. A generous partner has funded the printing of this book , and we ask that you simply pay the shipping and handling costs.

To order copies for your church or study group:

You can also order this book as a 56-pack in Canada or a 32-pack in Europe from one of the following websites:

In Quebec, your order will therefore be shipped from October 5th. For our friends in France, the arrival of the books at the BLF warehouse is scheduled for the end of October. You can however pre-order the book from the BLF Store.

We have also produced a very detailed study guide to facilitate group study.

It will be available in all Christian bookstores in Europe and Canada. You can also download the PDF version from our website.

Buy the Study Guide

Download the study guide

In addition, we have also produced this book in audio version.

Many people enjoy listening to audiobooks in their cars or while exercising. If you have difficulty reading, I suggest you listen to the audiobook while following the text in the paper book. It can improve your reading experience tremendously. The cost to produce an audiobook is approximately $ 2,500. We are offering this audiobook for the special price of $ 5.

We also created a podcast which is basically a shortened version of the book. It's free, and you can subscribe on any podcast platform.

Subscribe Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Finally, if you are unable to read a paper book for any reason, Until the end of the year the digital book is free

Our desire is for this content to be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re giving you so many ways to read this book.

Our hope is that you once again realize what Jesus has done for you, but also how he feels for you. And that, in doing so, you will be profoundly and lastingly changed. Would you like to join us in reading this book?

Soli deo gloria,

Daniel Henderson
Strategy director

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