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Présentation du livre «La Bonne Nouvelle d'une grande joie» de John Piper

Presentation of the book "The Good News of great joy" by John Piper

How to find joy in Christ during the Christmas season

The days leading up to Christmas are marked by a time of reflection and eager anticipation as Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the coming of their Savior. In The Good News of Great Joy , John Piper invites readers to refocus their hearts on Jesus during the period of l 'Advent.

In the introduction to the book, David Mathis wrote:

Christians around the world have many different ways of celebrating Advent and the events that go with it. Some light candles; others sing choirs; some eat sweets while others make gifts or hang wreaths. Many of us do all of the above. Over the centuries, we have found many good ways to extend the joy of Jesus' coming beyond the single day of December 25. The incarnation of the Son of God "for us and for our salvation," as the old creed asserts, is too important to appreciate in one day of the year. Indeed, we will be celebrating it for all eternity.

Each of the 25 Daily Meditations featured in this book highlights a passage from the Bible and offers a short reflection to fuel our personal or family worship. This book is an excellent tool to bring us to contemplate the magnificence of the promise of salvation through the birth of Jesus Christ.

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