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Rétrospective de l'année 2022 de Daniel Henderson

Daniel Henderson Year in Review 2022

As 2022 comes to end, I wanted to take time to reflect on what the Lord has done this past year. As I start, I cannot keep from mentioning the event that most shook my world. Losing my Dad in August was harder than expected and left me clinging harder than ever to the Goodness of God and his providence. I am thankful for friends who comforted me and came alongside me during this difficult season. In God’s providence, we released Nancy Guthrie’s book, What Grieving People Wish You Knew in French. This book ministered to me greatly and was the friend I needed. I would encourage you to read this book so you can be prepared to face loss or to come alongside those who experience loss.


In 2022 we published 51 books through our various imprints and 501 blog plots on our blog Revenir à l’Évangile. It is amazing how much good biblical content has gone out! 


Out of the 51 books we published. we had a few major releases;

In so many ways, this ministry year has been more fruitful that we could imagine; we settled into our new building, We sold our old building (230 rue lupien), we undertook the largest one time distribution of books we have ever done (37000 books!), we completed the translation of the Gospel Project Curriculum (9 years worth of curriculum, a project that cost us 230,000$ to produce!!!) and so much more. 


We could not do what we do without our faithful and trusted partners. We praise God for their investment in our ministry and in the French-Speaking Church.

Here is a summary of a couple highlights. 

Gentle and Lowly In French

This is one of the most helpful books our team has read. The author, Dane Ortlund, helps us see Christ’s heart for us as sinners. This book touched each member of our team as we evaluated it for translation. So much, that we decided that everyone in the French-Speaking world needed to have a chance to read it. 


In God’s kind providence he put us in contact with someone who was also greatly impacted by the book and was willing to support a massive print run so we could give away books. With the support of this donor, we gave away 30,000 copies through Churches throughout the French-Speaking world. I had the chance to fly down to Chicago to record a special sermon by the author Dane Ortlund, so that we could organize an online conference which we hosted February 3rd. We are grateful since thousands of people attended the online event.


There is not a week that goes by that I do not hear stories about how God has used this book to help people grow in the Love for Christ and confidence that “he will not cast them out” John 6:36.

9Marks Intensive

Every year, we invite 10-15 pastors from across the French-Speaking world to take part in a 10 day intensive training on the Church with 9Marks in Washington, DC. The training begins with an observance of the Lord’s Day, followed by a week-long evaluation and analysis of the biblical principles behind the practices they observed. The participants have a chance to reflect on how the nine marks are applied at CHBC, as well as the pastoral discernment involved in those applications. During the Intensive, the group meets and interacts with various CHBC elders and authors, and even visits a church plant in a different context. The participants receive various 9Marks books published by Publications Chrétiennes to read prior to the event as well as other resources they’ll discuss throughout. All in all, they’ll participate in over 20 hours of group discussions aimed at practical application.


The goal of this course is to couple biblical and theological study with the observance of a healthy local church. As they return to their countries, participants are equipped to think biblically about the forms and habits of their congregations. They’re also challenged to implement the biblical elements of a healthy church where they are. As they do this, their own church members begin to think intentionally about these issues and examine the principles themselves, thus fostering the health and growth of the church.


This training is one of the most fruitful events that we organize, as these pastors go back to their churches and their cities and seek to influence others to build healthy churches to the glory of God.

Good News Conference Paris

Every year, we help organize a large event in central Paris. This year, we focused the theme of the conference around, the peace that surpasses all understanding. Our desire is to equip the church with a biblical vision of suffering and the Christian life. We had 500 people attend the event. Which makes this one of the largest conservative conferences in Paris.


Every year, we help organize a large event in central Paris. This year, we focused the theme of the conference around, the peace that surpasses all understanding. Our desire is to equip the church with a biblical vision of suffering and the Christian life. We had 500 people attend the event. Which makes this one of the largest conservative conferences in Paris.


We also gave each person in attendance a bag full of 5 excellent books. Among these books was a book we launched at the event, “Everyone’s a theologian” by R.C. Sproul.

Évangile 21

Évangile21 is a bi-annuel conference hosted by the French Chapter of the Gospel coalition in Geneva, Switzerland. This is an important event for us to take part in. Here we meet pastors and ministry partners from around throughout French-Speaking Europe. 


I was able to meet with many pastors and ministry leaders and further discuss how we could distribute more books to equip the church. I also had a chance to meet with Fred Bican, President of Actions Biblique (A group of Churches in France) and the leadership of the Church in Grenoble where we will host an 9Marks event with Mark Dever in April 2024 and some French Pastors. 


I was able to spend a weekend in Tunisia. This was a unique trip that had the purpose of spending time with a specific person doing some fairly incredible work. 


Bringing Christian books into North Africa is very difficult. Laws in most of those countries make it illegal to share the Gospel or to convert from Islam. However, some countries have more freedom than others. Tunisia is one example of that. Our partner has been granted permission to import and sell Christian books and Bibles in Tunisia. There is much more that I would like to say about this. But because of security concerns I cannot. 

David Mathis in Québec

In partnership with Desiring God and SEMBEQ, we brought David Mathis to Quebec to do two conferences, one on the topic of Eldership in Montreal and another on Spiritual Disciplines in Gatineau. At the event for pastors, we were able to laumch and give-away to everyone in attendance a copy of John Piper’s book, Brother’s We are not Professionals in French. 



David’s teaching and focus on finding joy in Christ and helping others to do so was received well by all in attendance. I am looking forward to organizing an event with David Mathis in France one day!

Pastor’s Book Set Project for Togo

If there was one project that occupied much of Serge’s and My time this year it was this one. There were hours of preparation, hours of planning, and hours of worrying (I mean praying) that the container containing 37000 books would actually arrive in Togo.

We have shared so much already about this project you can read the articles we have already published here:

We also shared a huge album of photos that will help you experience the trip with us.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed our time in Togo and I think they fell in love with the people and with the Church. 


We are planning to do at least one project like this each year in Africa! Next year, we are planning to do the book distribution in Madagascar!

Projets for 2023

We have many exciting things planned for 2023. We are planning to publish around 50 books again next year. You can see the entire list here. But here are a few I am particularly excited about!

  • Le repos des pèlerins de Yannick Imbert
  • Reading the Bible Supernaturally de John Piper (titre français à déterminer)
  • Le livre des martyrs de John Foxe de John Foxe
  • In the Lord I take refuge de Dane Ortlund (titre français à déterminer)
  • Dictionnaire des mots bibliques
  • Dictionnaire Impact

Along with book publishing, we have a few major projects on the horizon:

  • We are planning another distribution of 1000 pastor’s libraries in Madagascar
  • We will host a Pastoral training event with Mark Dever in partnership with Action Biblique in Grenoble, France.
  • We will host a Pastoral training event with Conrad Mbewe in partnership with AXIS Ministries in Lomé, Togo.
  • We will host Raphael Charrier, French author of the book, Vivre pour Jesus, for a book tour across Quebec.
  • We will prepare our next distribution project for 2024.
  • We will prepare for the launch of the Reformation Study Bible In French.
  • Through all of this we will seek to be dependent on the Lord to bring fruit to this work and that his name would be glorified and made known throughout the french-speaking world.

Please keep our team and our ministry in your prayers. The next year will bring many challenges, but this means many opportunities to trust in God and let him get the glory for all that we do!


To learn about our end of year project, please check here.


À Dieu soit la gloire!


Daniel Henderson
Directeur stratégique

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