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Un mot de Sebastian Demrey à propos du livre ''Chantons!''

A word from Sebastian Demrey about the book '' Chantons! ''

What a privilege for me to have grown up in a family where spiritual singing was practiced and valued! Through every verse, every chorus, every melody sung, I learned from a young age to know who God was and the depth of his love for humanity.

For twenty years, I have been singing in turn of the divine and salutary truths which have guided my faith until today. I have been able to observe the evolution of Christian music in the Francophonie and the growing place it occupies in our daily life, especially within worship. All generations, from the earliest days of the Church, have used collective song to fuel their faith and show appreciation to the Creator. Like many of you, I have seen, over time, significant progress in terms of musical quality and the presentation of the Gospel sung in our Churches. However, in a modern society where appearances are more important than content, it is not uncommon to see our times of worship transformed into shows where the congregation just watches the professionals at work. Too often, the congregational approach to song is sidelined in favor of musical performance. Yet, in the early church, songs were never reserved for specific singers, but for all believers in the body of Christ. If we are to develop a good vision of praise in our assemblies, we must more than ever hold on to essential Bible principles regarding spiritual song and reflect on how we praise our God.

So it's an encouragement to me that the Getty's have come up with an informed, accessible and honest book on the subject. Without imposing a narrow vision, these seasoned songwriters communicate the fundamental principles behind the practice of collective singing, whether it is done in church or in family. In addition to relying on solid theological foundations, the authors skillfully succeed in making the content easy to understand and to practice. Why sing? What to sing? How to sing Who to sing to? Who should sing? At first glance, such questions may seem simple, but Keith and Krystin answer them clearly, in the light of God's Word, and point out to us that it is easy to miss the point: worship that pleases God.

Whether you are a good singer or not, a pastor or a musician, this book is for all of us. I am sure it will help readers understand spiritual song and the power that goes with it. The French-speaking Church is in great need of profound songs which instruct and glorify God and which clearly proclaim salvation. Singing! gives us all the tools we need to make it happen.

May this work resonate in your heart as it resonated in mine.


Sebastian Demrey

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