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<transcy>Good and Angry: Redeeming anger, irritation, complaining, and bitterness (Chrétien en colère)</transcy>

David Powlison
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From the youngest infant to the most venerable grandfather, anger is a universal human experience. We all get angry, often in the wrong way. But anger can be a legitimate way of reacting to evil and a powerful motivation for action on behalf of victims of injustice.

David Powlison says anger is not "a problem to be fixed" something we need to get rid of. Anger is a complex response from human beings who live in a complex world. We must learn to manage it so that it produces beautiful fruits.

The author examines the roots of anger by looking to a very surprising place: the wrath of God himself. Powlison recalls that God also gets angry. But God's wrath does not turn into manipulation or an attempt to control. No, his anger is good and a source of redemption. He is both our model for change but also the power that enables this change.

Angry Christian will help you express your anger more often in a way that is fair, constructive, and fruitful. Powlison offers practical advice for those struggling with irritation, annoyance, or bitterness, and wise help in responding constructively when things don't turn out the way you would have liked.


David powlison is director of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) created nearly fifty years ago with the aim of training in helping relationships and providing psychological and pastoral support rooted in the Bible. He has written several books on the relationship between faith and psychology.


David Powlison does not approach anger as a disease to be cured or a vice to be eliminated. After all, the Bible describes both Jesus and Heavenly Father as being angry at times. Do not look in this book for the “solution” to anger. Instead, you will find there a diligent examination of Bible truths and a gospel of hope that gives us the opportunity to be both good and angry.
- DA Carson, New Testament professor-researcher at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition

The great thing about David Powlison's writing and counseling is that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty as he brings the gospel to the very roots of the problems we face. His discussions not only address the reality of our struggles, but also that of his own struggle and search for relief in areas where we feel, for most of us, either incapable or not daring enough for us. rub it. However, while the issues it grapples with are at times deeply disturbing, the Bible truths it brings to light are extremely realistic and refreshing. He does not hesitate to dig into his own heart to help us find a way of biblical restoration for ours.
- Bryan Chapell, author of Infinite Grace, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois

I think sometimes I have experienced righteous anger. Most of the time, my anger is clearly on the unfair side. In this wise and very practical book, David Powlison draws on his rich abilities to understand the human heart in an attempt to address one of humanity's biggest problems: anger and all that leads to it.
- Philip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, Illinois

David Powlison uses both his Christian worldview and his coaching experience to challenge our understanding of ourselves and anger in particular. He analyzes the effects of the Fall on this emotion and shows us how to put it back under the authority of Christ. This book is therefore much more than a simple anger management manual: it renews our understanding of redemption and its effects on our emotions.
- Jean-Philippe Bru, Professor of Practical Theology at the Jean Calvin Faculty

This book is written by an experienced man. Each page reflects the author's long practice of helping relationships. David Powlison has accompanied all forms of anger and the stories that decorate his presentation are so realistic that we easily enter the book. The author reveals to us the workings of anger, which he analyzes and disseminates. This book touched me deeply, referring me to all the work that remains to be done in my own heart. He also equipped me to accompany those who let anger take over. Human anger is so universal that one can only recommend reading this book. The reader will draw a biblical and concrete approach to re-establish relationships that have been abused or broken by anger.
- Florent Varak, director for "Equip and revitalize the Churches" of the Encompass World Partners mission, president of Éditions CLÉ and professor of homiletics at the IBG

David Powlison invites us through the pages of this book on a journey to discover anger in all its facets and its repercussions. Starting from the observation that anger is part of our human nature, marked by sin, the author helps us to understand that it is much more than a simple emotion or any passion of the soul. Anger is analyzed under the microscope, as well as its effects in our lives and those of the people we meet. David Powlison goes further than a simple diagnosis, he offers us a real therapy for anger. The biblical text opens a dynamic of change, without ever losing sight of the practical and relational dimension. Useful for oneself, as well as for accompanying others, this book will help any reader to take good steps to walk from progress to progress ...
- Paul Millemann, psychologist and trainer, lecturer at the IBG and at the Jean Calvin Faculty, doctoral student in theology

David Powlison helps us deal with our anger clearly, whatever its form. This book is really about everyone, and its approach feels like a kind of helping relationship with a counselor. Whether or not you are aware of your anger problem, you need to read this book. Angry Christian is an exceptional resource for everyone, whether you are a parent or teacher, pastor or missionary.
- Gloria Furman, blogger and co-author of Female Word-Centered Ministry

We are all concerned with anger and each has a particular representation of it: a feeling, sensations or even painful or destructive experiences, often all at the same time. It is rare to be able to take the time to ask the right questions about our anger and not only in what we live, but especially in the way in which our Creator sees it and considers it: this book allows us in an admirable way. . The author paints a lucid portrait of our anger and its consequences in our life and accompanies us in the Scriptures to apprehend the spiritual stakes and to direct our heart towards our Father, the only one capable of making us grow sustainably.
- Samuel Laurent, psychologist and biblical counselor

David Powlison possesses a rare combination of three characteristics: a good knowledge of the gospel and the Holy Scriptures, a good knowledge of human nature, and an exceptional ability to play with words. In Angry Christian, Dr. Powlison brilliantly and profoundly articulates how the gospel transforms our hearts so that anger is not seen as an enemy, but rather as a gateway into our hearts, through which God wills itself. to bring in to do a work of glory. I highly recommend reading this book on anger, which in my opinion has no equal in French today.
- Matthieu Caron, president of the Fondation du counseling biblique, full professor of biblical counseling at SEMBEQ in Montreal

Destroying in order to rebuild is always a perilous exercise. David Powlison dared to take this route to address one of the biggest indicators of our selfishness, anger! First, with wisdom and discernment, he makes us discover through Scripture all the mechanisms of anger. Then, without complacency and without false modesty, David Powlison reveals himself in an honest and touching way, thus avoiding too theoretical a reflection! But it doesn't all end there! If I say that the process is perilous, it is because the author leads us from selfish and unjust anger to an anger transformed by Christ to become righteous and good! We haven't reached this stage, so let's run towards the goal forgetting what is behind and striving for what is ahead!
- Mike Evans, Gospel 21 president

None of us escape the intense discomfort of emotions and desires belonging to the specter of anger. This problem frustrates us, saddens us, and very often makes us slaves. We need a guide full of grace and wisdom to show us the direction of divine mercy. David Powlison is a man of peace and his words in this book exude wisdom as they point us in the direction of the transforming grace of Christ. Since anger affects us all, we all need this book.
- Heath Lambert, author of Being free is possible, executive director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

Powlison's Angry Christian has now become, and rightfully so, the first book I recommend on the subject of anger. Not to mention the fact that I think this is the wisest and most comprehensive Christian answer there is on the subjects of self-hatred and anger towards oneself.
- Tony Reinke, author of Generation smartphone, podcast presenter Ask pastor john (

For years, the writings of David Powlison have been a very useful resource in my pastoral ministry. Angry Christian follows this line, offering a relevant reflection on one of the most universal emotions there is. For the layman as well as for the seasoned pastor, this book is a precious help for all those who wish to understand the roots of anger. In doing so, Powlison leads his reader, with tenderness and delicacy, to allow himself to be enveloped by the grace of God.
- Stephen T. Um, Senior Pastor of Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston




1. Angry people
2. Do you have a serious problem with anger?
3. Are you affected?


4. "I am against"
5. Everything in you participates in anger
6. Nature, education… and human nature
7. Constructive discontent with compassion Part I: Patience and forgiveness
8. Constructive discontent with compassion Part II: Love and constructive conflict
9. Good and angry?
10. The best anger, the best love


11. A mirror in the face of your anger
12. The grace he grants is still greater
13. Eight questions: Deconstruct your anger to rebuild yourself


14. "I can never erase it from my memory!" "
15. Everyday anger
16. Do you ever get angry with yourself?
17. Anger against God

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Publisher : BLF Editions
Original title : Good and Angry: Redeeming anger, irritation, complaining, and bitterness
: David Powlison
Release : June 2018
Pages : 304
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
ISBN : 978-2-36249-456-7
Weight : 346 g

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Eric Desaulniers
La théologie de la colère appliquée

Chrétien en colère est organisé pour étudier la théologie de la colère, démontrant comment ça trouve des échos dans ma propre vie et peut facilement aussi être fait en duo dans un suivi pastoral. Les encrages bibliques sont présent et appuient les arguments tout au long du livre. J'ai vraiment bénéficier de cette étude et je suis convaincu que ça aura des bénéfices pour tout lecteur qui aborde le sujet de manière sérieuse. Certainement le meilleur livre que j'ai lu sur le sujet.

JEAN LEPINE j'ai bien apprécié ce commentaire, j'en poursuit toujours la lecture.

J'apprécie vraiment.