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Nouveautés : Juin 2017

New releases: June 2017

Here is a description of the new books that will be released in June. Be sure to check out our online catalog to see all the new releases from the past few months. You can browse the catalog by searching by category, series or author.

How can I keep my cool with my children, no matter what?
William P. Smith

The kids are hungry, the meal isn't ready, everyone is tired, and then there it is - you lose control of yourself and you get angry with your children again. But why have you lost control? What was going on in your heart that made you so furious for your child's actions?

William P. Smith wants to teach you how to interact better with your children when you are under pressure. It explains the root causes of discipline problems and offers practical strategies that will help you have a relationship with your children that is based on Christ and His ways.

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Should we get married?
William P. Smith

You know you're in love - you always want to be together and you always think of each other - but does that mean you're ready to get married? How can you be sure that your relationship is strong enough to consider marriage?

William P. Smith offers you a series of questions based on Bible principles that you can use to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Answering these questions will help you decide whether to stop everything, slow down in order to continue to grow in maturity, or seriously consider marriage. This brochure is ideal for anyone conducting or attending marriage preparation courses.

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Healing after an abortion
David Powlison

The distress that grips women who have had an abortion is sometimes called "postabortion syndrome." You don't need a technical term to describe how you feel, however. The struggles you go through are the lot of women who have had an abortion and who think about what happened. These are very real struggles with all that it includes: feelings of guilt, regret, depression, pain, grief. Listening to what God wants to tell you may be the least of your worries right now. However, he is the only one who can help you.

David Powlison invites you to consider the tenderness of God who is interested in the upheavals in your life. Whatever your reactions and your emotions, the living God is committed to intervene in your struggle. He sympathizes with you in your weakness, but he goes far beyond sympathy. Jesus comes into your life and brings you his mercy, hope and healing.

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The angry child
Michael R.Emlet

If you have an angry child, you are probably exhausted, distraught and looking for answers to these questions:
• How to restore balance in such chaos?
• How to prevent these outbursts of anger in my child?
• Why do these outbursts of rage seem to come out of nowhere?

Dr. Michael R Emlet is providing much needed help in deepening our understanding of issues with the heart and possible physical factors that can fuel your child's outbursts of anger. With his background as a physician, counselor, and parent, he uses Bible truths to examine your child's anger and offers you practical strategies to help them learn self-control.

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Edward T. Welch

Distraction, hyperactivity, impulsivity. A diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder may explain the difficulties you and your child are going through, but it cannot change difficult behavior. However, you can be assured that profound change is possible with God's help.

Edward T. Welch reveals the truth about ADD to us by explaining its physical and spiritual dimensions and by leading those affected by this problem to understand the transformative power of Jesus Christ. It highlights the often overlooked spiritual side of ADD and opens parents' eyes to the powerful gospel hope that can change their child's life. The author concludes by offering practical advice for parents and anyone who is having difficulty intervening effectively with their child.

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Eating disorders
Edward T. Welch

Do you ever wish you hadn't thought about food at all? In this case, what started out as a trivial diet may have turned into a nightmare. Who would have thought that food - or the fear of food - would become the center of your life?

Edward T. Welch explains how easy it is to slip gently into the eating disorder trap. In a world obsessed with the quest for thinness, but where food is also used as a source of comfort, the notion of "normalcy" gradually disappears. How to find a healthy and balanced diet? The author explains that you need to identify what influences your eating habits, then place your trust in God instead of following your own rules or rituals about food.

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Controlling your anger
David Powlison

What makes you angry? Sometimes it's trivial things: traffic jams, a waiter making a mistake, or a friend's carelessness. Sometimes it is about much more serious things: betrayal, injustice, meanness, violence, oppression, selfishness or lying.How do you deal with your anger? Are you pouring it out on those around you? Are you repressing it?

David Powlison surprises us with this news: God also gets angry However, he reminds us that God expresses his anger in a constructive way, going so far as to give his own Son to right the injustices of our world. Finally, the author suggests that we think about five questions that will help us express our anger as God would in difficult everyday situations and relationships.

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Can we change if we are homosexual?
David White

Can I change my sexual orientation? There are several different views on this question: yes, no, probably… Unraveling this delicate issue can be complicated and confusing. You want to follow God, but what does that mean when it comes to same-sex attraction?

It is with wisdom and compassion that David White helps you sort through the many theories and opinions that exist, and encourages you to pay attention to what Jesus means to those who struggle with same-sex attraction. It offers invaluable biblical advice and it reveals the true nature of the change that the gospel produces: it is not limited to sexual orientation, but also affects our identity in addition to offering us hope, encouragement. and the support we need.

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Overcome anxiety
David Powlison

You get the impression that there is an endless whirlwind of thoughts - always the same ones - flowing back and forth through your mind. Your worries, problems and fears are circling around in your head, as if you are juggling Chinese plates. You are continually immersed in awe, preoccupations, and obsessions. You dread that your entire life will be ruined if you let go for just one second. Does this experience sound familiar to you?

David Powlison wants to help you find out what your anxiety says about your heart. He invites you to lay your anxious thoughts at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ so that He may give you peace, then He offers you advice to better understand, control and channel your anxiety in a constructive way.

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The flaw in our holiness
Kevin DeYoung

What does it mean to be a saint? Why should we care? How can we change?

The flaw that is exposed in this book is that we care too little about holiness or that we do not understand it enough to give it the place it should have in our life. Too many Christians today seem to overlook this problem, and this is of great concern.

In this little book, Kevin DeYoung reminds us of the Word's many exhortations to seek holiness. He points to an unpopular but liberating truth: God is holy and he wants us to be too.Without pressure or any kind of legalism, the author presents us with a balanced view of law and grace.By showing the beauty and power of our holiness, he conveys to the reader not only the desire to be holy, but also the 'hope of becoming one.

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Visual Theology
Tim Challies

Visual Theology is a book rich in colors, illustrations, computer graphics… but not only! Visual theology is above all an original and contemporary approach to theology. This book explains how to be ever more attached to God and how to apply the truth of the word of God in our lives. Visual theology will help you develop a plan of action to experience spiritual growth throughout your life.

"An enjoyable read that brings together serious knowledge and solid theology
in a clear and captivating style. "
—Wayne Grudem, author of Systematic Theology

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Do more. Better.
Tim Challies


In DO MORE. BETTER., You will discover:

• what barriers keep you from being fully productive;
• three essential tools to get your job done right through to the end;
• how to complete routine tasks effectively, and more.

Living a peaceful and orderly life with all your responsibilities is possible! You can do more. Better. And I'll be happy to help you achieve that goal. - Tim Challies

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Radically ordinary
Voluntarily anonymous author

Live and die without humanity noticing you? What a profound injustice!

Let's be honest, we are dying to be someone. The proof: we spend all our energy to be successful, to be admired and to leave our mark somewhere in this world - anywhere! The worst part is that we try to cover this up with so-called spiritual ambitions. Unfortunately, most Christians have fallen into the trap. And many of us do not realize it.

This book is a call to follow in the footsteps of our humble King, to let go of the human vision of success and start living in a radically ordinary way. I could not bring up this subject and, at the same time, show off myself. So I chose to remain anonymous. Are you ready for this challenge too?

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