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John MacArthur

John MacArthur comes from a family in which there have been five generations of pastors. His teaching of the Word of God is widely known for his frank and thorough approach, verse by verse. He pays particular attention to the historical and literary background of each passage. A popular author and speaker, he has worked as a pastor-teacher in California since 1969. His ministry shines through his many books (over 150!), including several bestsellers, his radio shows, software, tapes and CDs. , widely distributed in several countries. John and his wife, Patricia, have four children and fourteen grandchildren.

Author of:

True to His Call
Systematic Theology
The Divinity of Christ
No Other

The Upper Room
Being a Godly Father
The War for Truth
Twelve Extraordinary Women
The Gospel According to Jesus
In God's ArmsChristian parents...what to do?
Saved without a doubt
Giving according to God

I have found the will of God
The murder of Jesus
No! to worry